About Us

In April of 1964 a young man with high ambitions named Bombi Mario, started a small machines shop in Prato area, a very well developed textile zone.
He discovered the need for quality machines at an economical price and decided to specialize in the finishing of the textile . As he began to pioneer the development of innovative solution in this area, this young entrepreneur was well on his way to becoming an industry leader.

Bombi Mario recognized the need and developed his market when he started his small business thirty nine years ago. It was his dream to pass on this legacy someday.

With his family, Bombi Riccardo, Bombi Lucrezia and Bombi Tancredi leading the company, the business was in capable hands and a solid future was taking shape, moving definitely the production into the finishing machines for non wovens, with a unique and very wide range of machines covers almost all applications (from thermo to chemical bonding, from calendering to cutting, from pressing to drying).
A plan was made to build a new facility that would improve efficiencies and increase productivity. With this in mind Bombi Family purchased a new 3,000 square m building in 1994, changing the company name from Bombi Mario to Bombi Meccanica.

The move had immediate benefits with computerized engineering management, Bombi fabricates machines with state-of-the-art solutions and innovative equipment with the finest in technological read-out to insure the best quality for his trusted customers.

Today with over 30 fixed employees + more than 50 sub-contractors, serving clients world wide, Bombi continues to grow by responding to customers needs and changing technologies.
Study of the project, mechanical engineering, construction and assembling, engineering of the control panel and his realization, final in-house testing are made completely by Bombi staff with Bombi control and know how. This accurate overall control of all processes by the Bombi staff is one of the key point to the extraordinary success.

For those in love with numbers

  • 1.800 Machines all around the World
  • 7.1000mm Widest hot calende
  • 6.000N/cm Maximum pressure with calender
  • 5.500mm Widest thermobonding double belt oven
  • 6.000mm Widest drum oven
  • 3.600mm Largest diameter of drum oven
  • 5.000Kg\h Maximum production obtained out of one thermobonding oven
  • 1.000 °C Maximum operating temperature
  • 300m\min Maximum production speed
  • 1.500mm Maximum web thickness at oven inlet
  • 300mm Maximum web thickness at oven exit
  • 15.000gsm Maximum web weight thermobonded

Even if these numbers could be impressive, the winning points are elsewhere.
Adapting the project to each single customer, choosing the simplest solution for each problem, offering high quality components and providing excellent on time service will always be Bombi formula ; but more than this, considering all customers as partners with individual needs and issues and offering all the time individual and taylorized solutions turns the work with Bombi into a cooperative safe place where everybody is always sure to be listened. A place where customer’s idea , expectations and desires grow up into modern and productive solutions.