Polyester Wadding


Air flow in oven for polyester wadding

Air pressure in one side + air vacuum in the opposite is the clue of webs bonding

Air flow direction could be easily adjusted following the product

Optimal bonding of the web is obtained by a combination of positive pressure in one side and negative in the opposite. In this way all air moved by the fan is forced to penetrate totally the product and therefore it reaches a fast and uniform bonding. Bombi Meccanica developed unique system to distribute homogenously the air from left to right, thanks to specific nozzles where the air pressure is equalized and well distributed. This permits the correct bonding is any working width, with installation made up to 5,5 m wide. In order to work with any kind of web with different weight and density, the sense of the air could be adjusted by the operator in easy way : or manually or electronically from the control panel. Air can be distributed top to bottom, bottom to top, or alternate way.

Web thickness regulation

Webs coming from a carding + cross lapper system or from an air lay must be protected and controlled in thickness, in order to meet final user demand. For this reason a fiber bat is held between two conveyors, before to enter into the oven and all along the process . In this way the top belt will prevent fiber movement and will adjust final thickness.
Belts distance is regulated gradually in various points, with motor driven screw jacks. They are controlled from the touch panel so the operator can adjust easily in any moment following the final product. The compression is gentle and gradual, thanks to various points of regulation located along the oven length.

Motor driven screw jacks

Motors for belts distance adjusting are located out of the oven in clean and cold atmosphere.


Following the products our oven could install different belts and different combinations. our great experience guide us in the choose of various materials and mashes fiberglass ptfe coated, steel, pps, peek, duofill , hybrid are among the more common used type.

Air filter

Easy to clean filters

For no stop production

Air stream may remove fibers and dust from the web and they will reach burner zone with risk of contamination, burner damage, fire.
To prevent this, air flow is continually filtered before reach the burner at each cycle. Each burner has 3 set of filters that could be cleaned from outside of the oven, without doors opening.


Oven is equipped with various doors that are used to access to the internal parts, for cleaning and maintenance. The sealing of the smoke is made with silicon gasket. To get the optimum sealing the doors are equipped with 4 locks (2 on the left, 2 on the right). These, jointed with special hinges permit a parallel movement of the door that will close perfectly with oven frame.


Production site, located in any place of the world, is connected via internet with our systems in Italy. Customer is assisted in real time for any kind of problems, modifications, future adding without the need to send locally a technician.

Energy recovering

Bombi Meccanica developed 3 steps for heat recover, accordingly with customer needs and local enviromental.
They can be retro-added in any ovens.

Web with low weight 50gsm or less, or high thickness and high weight (250mm), high loft. Ventilation is forced from top to bottom or bottom to top, reversible (see after) manually or from the control board. Lateral closing of the air, from control panel. Heating with industrial direct gas burners. Thermal cycle at high efficiency. Modular construction to be extended in future. Specific belts choosen for this job. Cooling of the product at oven exit.

  1. ENTRY BELT : could be by customer side

  2. ENTRY ZONE : it will contains various belts mechanism, that will remain in cold atmosphere

  3. SECTION 1 : equipped with fan, burner, filters

  4. SECTION 2 : number of sections following the production

  5. AIR EXHAUST FAN : to remove smokes from oven

  6. COOLING ZONE : of various length, equipped with fans

  7. EXIT ZONE : it will contains various belts mechanism, that will remain in cold atmosphere

  8. FAN OF THE SECTION : at variable speed

  9. BURNER OF THE SECTION : industrial type, world wide assisted and equipped with filters

WORKING WIDTH1.500-6.000mm
WEIGHT RANGE50-10.000gsm
HEATINGDirect gas burners (with natural or lpg gas), thermal oil, electric
OVEN SECTION LENGHT3.300mm or 2.200mm

Re-designed and improved, the new thermobonding oven finds its application for difficult products : Natural fibers webs with high thickness, polyester wadding high loft, technical products. Ventilation is forced from top to bottom or bottom to top, reversible in each section from the control board. Lateral closing of the air, from control panel. Heating with industrial direct gas burners. Thermal cycle at high efficiency. Modular construction to be extended in future.
The possibility to regulate the volume of air flow for every section separately via frequency inverters, again allows easy production of any kind of web and weight. Within the oven the web is quickly heated in a well balanced way; uniformly melting the bonding fibres and therefore providing optimal homogeneous bonding. The possibility of inversion of the air flow direction allows bonding for thick felt, compensating the weight of the fibres also.
Before entering the oven, the web coming from an air lay or a cross lapper is calibrated between two belts to provide the thickness and stability required and pre-set by the operator. Adjustment of the distance between the two belts is easily and accurately made via digitally controlled motors ensuring precise reproduction of any product whenever required.
To have the optimum and most efficient bonding of any kind of web or web thickness, during processing, the air needs to pass completely through it. To achieve this, each oven section adopts a combination of positive pressure on one side and negative pressure on the opposite side. In this way, all the air in circulation is forced to pass down through the web.
Within each section the direction of air flow (top to bottom or bottom to top) can be reversed via manual adjustment or via electronic control from the panel.
Heating via gas burners reduces warming up and cooling times, and due to the flame modulating system driven by a PID controller, it provides high efficiency and very accurate temperature regulation. Also a part of the resulting processing fumes and gases are combusted with the result of less air pollution. Burners are modulating type with high precision temperature controlling and adjusting.
The air filtering system is with framed steel nets inserted into the air channels. These are accessible from the outside of the oven and can be removed, cleaned and re-inserted with the oven in operation, allowing the oven to work 24 hours\day without stopping. After the oven, following the needs, a hot\cold calender, cutting machine, winder or/and pads stacker can be installed.